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Black Mold, Brooklyn

Black Mold Removal Services

Why call Wolf for your Mold Remediation

You’re overwhelmed, tired and scared.  You look around and wonder where or how do I even begin to recover.  You’re surrounded by opportunists circling like sharks, you don’t want to make life altering decisions based on fear.  I know how you feel, we’ve been there too.  The decision you make now to hire a professional mold remediation contrac contractor will have ramifications for years to come, choose wisely and make the right decisions the first time.  Wolf Disaster Services is Licensed by New York State to provide professional, safe black mold removal and toxic mold testing and remediation services to Brooklyn, Queens and Long island.

Professional Black Mold Removal Services in Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island

Black Mold Removal Queens

  • Air Sampling and swab testing
  • Hidden Moisture evaluation
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Mold Assessment
  • Black Mold removal


Signs You May Have Mold

  • Damp musty odors
  • Visible discoloration or growth
  • Past water damage problems that have not been restored
  • Excessive relative humidity levels confirmed by meter or Thermal imaging equipment
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory complications
  • Rash


Black Mold can be a toxic and hazardous problem and taking safety precautions when performing a black mold removal or mold remediation is the most important step.  Wolf Disaster Services provides all the necessary resources to execute a safe and professional Black Mold Removal.


Black Mold Removal Process

1) Initial Visit, Inspection and Review – Pursuant to NYS Law Article 32 Mold remediation projects with greater than 10 Square feet of visible contamination require an independent NYS licensed Mold assessor to perform a visual inspection or Mold test to confirm extent of contamination.  Licensed Mold Assessor will provide a written Mold Remediation plan to be followed by Wolf Disaster Services.

2) Preparation – Wolf Disaster Services will be provided all necessary documentation provided by the independent Mold Assessor to create a black Mold Removal Work Plan.  This black Mold removal work plan will list all steps necessary to complete your Mold remediation.  The Mold Removal work plan will be provided and signed off by you prior to work starting.  The cost of the mold removal will be included in the plan.

3) Safety and Cross Contamination – All contaminated personal contents including any furniture in the contaminated area must be removed. If items are moved from one room to another they must be HEPA vacuumed and damp wiped with a bacteria resistant detergent.

4) Containment – Sealing off the mold contaminated area by covering floor and door openings with 6mil fire retardant polyethylene sheeting.

5)  Black Mold Removal & Mold Cleanup – All NYCHA & EPA practices will be implemented during the black mold removal.  Contaminated structural items will be removed under negative air pressure with a minimum of 4 air changes per hour.  For black mold removal on structural wood and items that cannot be removed a combination of mechanical agitation, sanding or chemical solutions may be used.  Additional debris will be discarded in goose neck tied bags and HEPA vacuumed and damp wiped prior to removal through HEPA filtration followed by bagging and disposal of waste.

5)  Anti-Microbial Application – If required by the Mold Removal/Mold Remediation plan we will apply mold inhibiting chemicals to contaminated surfaces to prevent any future growth of toxic black mold. Remediation verification can be requested at this point to confirm the accomplishment of the mold removal project.

6)  Restoration – Providing reconstruction services. If moisture is present, dehumidification systems are used until all exposed areas are dry.

Astoria Black Mold RemediationHow Wolf Disaster Services does Mold Remediation right!

A NYS Licensed  & IICRC Certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technician will perform a thorough inspection of the affected and surrounding areas in an attempt to find the source of the moisture and contamination. As Mold is hydrophilic (water loving), typically we use a Thermal Imaging gun or Borescope to evaluate abnormal temperature changes behind walls that would indicate moisture.   Under most circumstances prior to opening walls, topical mold and fungus can be detected with the appropriate tools and equipment before doing unnecessary damage to your property.

Once contamination has been confirmed, we will establish the extent of the damage and immediately work to contain and correct the source and any other affected areas showing signs of distress.

Our technician will then work to determine the extent of remediation needed using the IICRC S520 standards of care to create a Scope of Work to remedy the contamination and cease the spread of spores.

Using state of the art HEPA Air Scrubbing technology and Negative Air machines, Wolf will create a Containment zone and begin to deconstruct affected walls and cavities keeping contaminants within.

Once we physically and safely remove loose debris and tainted materials from your structure, we will perform a source removal and properly dispose of all contaminated material in accordance with local laws and the structural cleaning process will begin.Safe-Mold-Removal-Jamaica, queens

Structural cleaning will encompass a combination of techniques including HEPA vacuuming, HEPA Air filtration, and damp wipe cleaning with a suite of Anti-Microbial decontaminants, to kill mold spores and prevent future growth.

Post remediation samples may be taken to verify success of remediation.

A successful Mold Remediation

Remember, it’s not enough to simply KILL MOLD, the airborne and settled spores must be removed for successful remediation and the prevention of return.

Mold Health Concerns

Everyone should be concerned about the hazardous effects of mold, fungus and bacteria especially children, the elderly, immune compromised peoples and pregnant women.

Recently Brooklyn mold remediation technician Rich Murray was called in to access a situation and had this to say, Everyone should be concerned about the hazardous effects of mold, fungus and bacteria especially children, the elderly, immune compromised peoples and pregnant women.

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