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Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration

With my father being a 25 year veteran of the FDNY, I’ve personally spent a large majority of my youth in and around his firehouse. I know firsthand the smell of your burned home, office, or personal property is an odor that cannot be easily forgotten, fortunately, at Wolf Disaster Services, we can eliminate it.

After a fire, or oil burner puffback homes will contain residual soot, burned plastics, melted synthetic upholstery, yellowed fiberglass and many more materials that when set on fire- can be hazardous. Unless removed, filtered and cleaned properly by a Certified Brooklyn fire damage restoration technician these materials all have the potential of lingering in your home and causing more damage.

Recently working as a Queens smoke damage company, our goal is to eliminate any noxious odors that were not present before the fire and to restore your home as close as possible to pre-fire/smoke damage condition.

fire damage restoration
Fire and smoke damage restoration services Steps to Success

Step 1. We will meticulously assess the overall scope of the damage, identify the source of the smoke, fire and/or odor and then determine initial steps of odor containment

Step 2 – Perform a thorough Pre-clean Testing to determine the impact of the damage; assess, what equipment and materials will be required to perform the restoration.

Step 3 - Based on the results of the Pre Clean testing, we will devise a tactical plan, begin to haul in the appropriate equipment and start removal of the source contaminants.

Step 4 - Protect your property when it’s most vulnerable and secure the structure from additional property damage and theft. We will board your windows and provide roof tarp’s. We will immediately begin to remove residual water used to put out the fire.

Step 5 - Remove any fire damaged or irreparable smoke damaged materials to stop odor contamination

Step 6 -Disinfect and sanitize your personal property and contents. This can be performed on or off site depending on circumstances.

VERY IMPORTANT - After a fire our immediate inclination is to try to save what we can in the aftermath. This is a very human response, but unfortunately it is not the right one.
Soot and smoke damage materials carry chemical properties that when mixed with the oils of human hands and improper cleaning substances (bleach, ammonia, furniture polish and cleaners, etc.) can do far more permanent damage than necessary.

Leave it to the experts at Wolf, we’re certified, trained and have the experience to get you back home fast. I’ve been there, we can help.

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