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Hiring a Professional for Floods

Hiring a Professional for Floods

Floods – DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

New Yorkers and Long Islanders are all too familiar with the catastrophic damage that floods can cause. With that still fresh in our minds, it is essential to think about the importance of hiring a professional to take care of flood damage to your home or office, versus DIY (or Do-It-Yourself). For larger areas and more extensive damage, individuals are more likely to call a professional service for help. However, many try to save money and take on the chore themselves, when it comes to water damage or floods, which appear to be less severe. While we applaud any homeowner or business-owner who has to courage and ambition to take on any such a strenuous, tedious, and intense challenge, the truth is, you could be doing a tremendous disservice to your home, family, business, or employees.

I have water damage in my Brooklyn home!!!

I have water damage in my Brooklyn homeThe 411 Behind Water Damage/Floods
• Appearance is not always reality. The truth is that all-too-often people underestimate the actual extent of damage, based on the fact that they are only seeing the external damage. Water almost always seeps into walls, floors, and other areas, which means much of the damage cannot be seen and therefore will not be taken care of.
• In most cases, water damage and flooding does not occur while someone is present. Or the problem may have started in an area that is not easily seen or accessed. Therefore, it is difficult to determine when the damage began.
• You have only about 24-36 hours before mold begins to grow, which is a health hazard.
• Water damage to structures is often deceiving; while it may look sound, water can easily effect the integrity of a structure.

Why Hire a Professional?
Hiring a professional for any degree of significant water damage or flooding is the safest and most wise decision you can make. This is because professionals:
• Have the experience and knowledge to assess how bad the damage is and they know where to look. They are experts and understand how water effects structures, as well as what to be concerned about.
• Understand the safety precautions that go along with flooding and water damage. In addition to assessing a structure’s stability, professionals also have training and knowledge to handle other safety issues, such as those regarding electrical outlets and wires. It is better to leave it up to a professional, rather than put your own safety on the line because you never know if there is an electrical current running through the water.
• Have industrial grade equipment to take on floods of all sizes. The pumps, high suction vacuums, fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment make it possible for professionals to get the water out of your home or building quicker than those you would typically find in a store.
• Have the time and staff to dedicate to getting your home/business back in safe, working condition quickly. Flood clean-up takes hours, if not days to clean up and that is even with several professionals working on it.
• Can perform mold remediation services and remove carpets, sheetrock, and other damaged garbage.
• Will provide you with detailed reports regarding the damage for your insurance company. This will also help you during the claim process, as insurance companies look more fondly upon those who utilize professional services to reduce damage, rather than those who take on the chore themselves.

There are many other reasons it is important to hire a professional in the event of a flood or other substantial water damage. There are numerous safety and health risks involved if such cases are not properly cleaned. The health and safety of your home, family, business, and/or employees is not something to take lightly, which is why calling in a professional is the best decision you could ever make.

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