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How do I know if I have Mold in my house?

How do I know if I have Mold in my house?


How do I know if I have Mold in my house?

Wolf Disaster Services is a Licensed & Certified mold remediation and water damage restoration company in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, NY – as such there are tons of questions we are asked on regular basis relating to various home mold problems and how to diagnose them- So how do you know? here are some helpful tips:

Mold refers to black mold, toxic mold, green mold, brown mold or even what you may call mildew in your shower, it all has one common denominator- moisture and/or humidity. When trying to discern whether you have a mold problem in your house, the first step should be identifying any potential moisture source.  The problem is unless you had a flood, or pipe burst in your basement or radiator leak in your house it’s not always easy to identify.  Sure, if you know your house has been wet and never professionally dried and now you smell a musty odor with black growth on your walls, as a homeowner you can make some simple assumptions that you may have a mold problem.  But what if you’re of the majority who simply don’t know where your moisture problem is, yet you seem to smell it or “feel” it in the air by allergies or some other method.

Rich Murray, president of Wolf Disaster Services is also a licensed New York State Mold Assessor and as such regularly investigates such homeowner complaints.  As seen in the photos above, he uses thermal imaging cameras that help diagnose potential wet spots, and so we have the ability to diagnose water damage and wetness problems that others cant do without cutting pieces of your walls up.  Once the wetness is detected in your walls, it should also be confirmed with a moisture meter and other hygrometric readings should be taken like Relative Humidity and temperature. Initial inspections like these are a more affordable option to simply doing a costly mold test requiring lab analysis, which may or may not help in diagnosing your problem. Give Rich a call at wolf Disaster Services and let’s see if we can find what others haven’t been able to.

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