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My basement is flooded in Queens! What do I do?

My basement is flooded in Queens! What do I do?

From time to time, and particularly during the heaviest rains, we’ll speak with a homeowner who has just discovered that their basement is flooded with several inches to several feet of groundwater.
Homeowners are, understandably, very upset that their personal items (and sometimes their home’s utilities) have been damaged or destroyed by water, and need to remove and dry right away so that the can begin restoring and repairing.
Repairs of a flooded basement are best conducted by a professional who specializes in water damage restoration and drying. An expert in the industry can help you recover your damaged items and advise you on restoring your damaged drywall and furniture.
It’s also important to note that, depending on the source, water in a flooded basement may contain bacteria or viruses, and if not dried efficiently, mold and mildew can begin.
It may seem a bit extreme to think of a “disaster restoration expert” when you need someone to pump out a flooded basement, but these are exactly the people who are best suited to help you take care of your flooded basement.
Flood Basement Queens

Disaster restoration experts are pros at drying homes, pumping out water, and making sure that mold and rot are controlled. You’ll want to have us visit your home within 48 hours to avoid mold growth.
So if you have a flood in your basement, apartment or home in queens, please call us, when can help

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