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Water Damage

Brooklyn, Queens, Suffolk County flood damage restoration company, Wolf Disaster Services is no stranger to water damage, over the past few years your home has faced unprecedented environmental challenges resulting in damage that may or may not be easily visible. In the Northeast alone, we’ve seen weather pattern changes resulting in a doubling of annual snowfall, frequent heavy rainfall, unprecedented hurricanes and blizzards. They all share the common theme of Water.

Whether you can see it, or not, the problems and challenges resulting from moisture in your home still exist.

The impact from water & flood damage will typically begin to show itself in a very short period of time.

Within minutes, water damage begins to spread from the initial source (leaking pipe, leaking radiator, backed up washing machine, etc.), and stretch to nearby areas causing damage outside of the immediately impacted areas. You’ll begin seeing furniture discoloration along with staining occurring from wood or corroding metal objects.

Within Days, the damp musky odor begins to slowly permeate the structure; these are the initial signs of a mold or fungus problem.

Within weeks a damp or improperly dried structure will begin to develop signs of serious distress. Mold spores may begin to erode glucose rich natural fibers like paper, picture frames, carpet fibers, padding wood furniture and many building materials like drywall and wood paneling. Wood based materials will start to split or warp and finishes will bleed or discolor.

AIr movers and HEPA air scrubber at work on Queens water damage restoration!

Queens, NY Water Removal Equipment

The Wolf Structural Drying Formula

When you’re faced with water, the first thing to remember is Rapid Response. Chances are if you’re reading this page you’re not dealing with an insignificant spill, so let’s talk about larger water damage losses like a pipe burst in your kitchen, washing machine overload, water heater leakage, radiator leaks, toilet line backup, sewage contamination, flooded basement or a damp wet crawlspace problems. We can fix it.

Here, we’ll discuss what we do and how we do it also known as the The Wolf Structural Drying Formula. Our technique works for both residential and commercial property, the equipment size will vary.

Step 1. Assessing the damage is our first step in the remediation process. We will visibly and scientifically, evaluate the damage using state of the art inspection technology. Our staff is fully trained and IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying.

Step 2. Creating a tactical plan of remediation and communicating the process and procedure every step of the way. We will sketch and Moisture Map your property damage. We will and scientifically demonstrate show to you and your insurance adjustor/agent, exactly where the water damage is, and to what extent it’s affected your home. We will establish a Dry Standard or goal. At the conclusion of our job we will do our best to meet or exceed these standards. There are no surprises, if anything in our scope of work changes we will relay the information to you immediately.

Step 3. Extracting all free standing water (if flooding still remains, we will extract immediately after assessment). If power is unavailable, do not stress, we will bring our own. Advanced extraction equipment will be readily available and brought in either, truck mounted or portable depending on the severity of water damage. We will get the water out.

Step 4. Begin the Restoration Process by bringing in the most advanced commercial Dehumidification and drying equipment on the market. We heavily invest in the newest, State of the art equipment & technology. We’ll get you dry faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the business. Read more about The Wolf’s drying technology here

Step 5. Monitoring all scopes of the drying process by daily Thermo-hygrometric readings including RH, GPP, Moisture, Water Activity and ambient Temperature. These readings are not just numbers, they tell a story to the Restoration Contractor. Using this data we determine how to manipulate the equipment to get the most efficient and expedited drying results.

Step 6. Confirmation of our results is the last step. At this point, we can visibly demonstrate our performance and progress. We will compare the last day’s moisture readings to our pre-established Dry Standard and confirm our success. Nothing is left to the imagination. Our reports will provide numerous readings from beginning to end and the results will be undeniable.

Following the Restoration Industry standard, this time tested methodology has proven to be effective in avoiding the hazards associated with Water and Moisture. When left unhindered, water can cause unseen structural weakness and lead to a Mold contamination. Call immediately for a free evaluation and consultation.

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